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The Voice that Creates Worlds

When voicing video-game characters, I make it a point to highlight the essence of each character. By doing that, I create a realistic game feel, which is vital to high-quality productions.

Lost Ember

Heroine in wolf’s clothing: In the English version of the adventure game ’Lost Ember‘, I lend my voice to the main character Kalani.

Transport Fever 2

Starting over: In ‘Transport Fever 2‘, enthusiastic gamers create all new metropolises.

Immortal Realms

The game with an edge: At the infamous vampire-clan meetings, I get to indulge my dark side.

Final Fantasy 7

Published in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 is one of the series’ most popular installments to date. In the remake published in 2020, I lend my voice to a variety of minor characters.

Beyond a Steel Sky

Also based on a classic game dating from 1993, the cyberpunk adventure Beneath a Steel Sky. I am the German voice of SongBird and the Secretary of Security.

Pathologic 2

This game, produced by the Russian developer Ice Pick Lodge, is a game as well as an interactive art installation. It paints a dark portrait of society, in which I assume the role of Changeling.

Of Ships and Scoundrels

In Of Ships and Scoundrely, the player discovers foreign worlds, has to maneuver their ship safely through island landscapes and fight off enemies. Here, I show my mettle as a pirate broad.

Pizza Connection 3

In Pizza Connection 3, you can work your way up to being the proprietor of the most successful pizza chain in the world – sometimes by criminal means. Here, I voice a tough businesswoman.

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Beyond a Steel Sky
the thief of wishes
lost ember
unicorn princess
police city patrol
Sherlock Holmes

Beyond a Steel Sky

The Thief of whishes

Lost Ember

The Unicorn Princess

Police City Patrol

Immortal Realms

Sherlock Holmes

My References

Join me as I delve into the world of video game voice acting: Being a professional voice actress, I work for many international companies. In the voiceover industry, video games are an environment allowing for great freedom regarding the way I bring characters to life and how I make use of my vocal skills. Check out my work in the references section.


  • 2021: Goethe VR – (englisch, Gretchen) (von: ZDF Digital, für: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)
  • 2021: Alpine – The Simulation Game (diverse Rollen, englisch)
  • 2021: Edurino - Lernapp für Vorschüler (deutsch, Narrator)
  • 2021: Autobahnpolizei Simulator 3 (diverse Rollen, englisch)
  • 2020: ESO - Diverse Rollen (Chineekath, Tur-Jeen, Infrasia Vatia, u.a.)
  • 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake (german, different characters)
  • 2020: Beyond a Steel Sky (german, Songbird and Safety Minister)
  • 2020: Of Ships and Scoundrels (english, pirate bride)
  • 2019: Unicorn Princess (english, Unika)
  • 2019: Star Wars: The Old Republic (english , different characters)
  • 2019: Transport Fever 2 (english, Narrator)
  • 2019: Lost Ember (english, Kalani)
  • 2019: Immortal Realms - Vampire Wars (english, Cecily)
  • 2019: Pathologic 2 (german, Changeling)
  • 2018: Pizza Connection 3 (german, business women)
  • 2018: The Thief of Wishes (german, any role)
  • 2018: City Patrol (english, Claudia)
  • 2017: Farmers Dynasty

Docus & tv reports

  • 2019: Science of Avalanches / Soora
  • 2017: Mein Iran - Einblicke in die Islamische Republik, ARTE (deutsch)
  • 2015: Digital Diaries – Mein Krebstagebuch, ZDF Info, (deutsch)
  • ZeitWissen und ZeitGeschichte – Audioversionen für Audible, etc.
All References

One voice – a thousand emotions

No less than ten years ago, I started working as a professional voice actress. With every new project my love for the job grew. Because of my work as an international voice actress and translator (German – English, English – German), my portfolio has been growing continuously over the years.

The various tasks coming in make for a diverse job that I can even do from home, using my very own studio. Especially the gaming industry confronts me with ever-new challenges due to the various roles I assume. The slogan “One voice – a thousand emotions” conveys exactly what makes my voice stand out: I am highly adaptable, immersing myself in each new contract to pinpoint and address the respective target group. This level of commitment helps turn every project into a success for my clients.

Find out more about me on my website. There you’ll find all my references as well as my blog which will keep you posted about ongoing projects and my life as a voice actress.

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